History & Staff

Why Loyal and True was created, and our dedicated and compassionate staff that make it all work.

Our History

Our History

When you are faced with the loss of a beloved member of your family, an animal companion and faithful friend, where can you turn?

Loyal and True was founded in 2007 to help people mourn, memorialized and celebrate the life that they shared with their pet. Loyal and True understands these needs and offers caring services that help remember one of life's unconditional loves.

Offering the dignity and grace of the human funeral business, Loyal and True gives you the opportunity to receive the same types of services for your beloved pet as for your human family members, when a death occurs.

Our Valued Staff

  • Rob Loose

    Rob Loose, President

    Rob is the President of Loose Funeral Homes and Crematory, Loyal and True Pet Cremation Services by Loose Funeral Homes and The Gardens at Willowcrest Park.He is a lifelong resident of Anderson, and a Licenced Funeral Director. He founded Loyal and True in 2007 when his beloved cat, Carnegie, passed away. As a lover of animals he truly believes that pets are members of your family and should be cared for with Dignity, Honor, and Respect.

  • Jane Loose

    Jane Loose, Manager & Pet Specialist

  • Angela Denman

    Angela Denman, Pet Specialist

  • Heather  Hoover

    Heather Hoover, Pet Specialist

  • Keri Hintz

    Keri Hintz, Pet Specialist

  • Austin Stevens

    Austin Stevens, Pet Specialist

  • Austin Tolston

    Austin Tolston, Pet Specialist

  • Ethan Tolston

    Ethan Tolston, Pet Specialist

  • Larry Mercer

    Larry Mercer, Pet Specialist

  • Doug Sorrell

    Doug Sorrell, Pet Specialist

  • Jeff Sorrell

    Jeff Sorrell, Pet Specialist

  • Alyssa Boisvert

    Alyssa Boisvert, Pet Specialist, Marketing Director

  • Pet  Specialists

    Pet Specialists, Pet Specialists

    Gary Elleman, Vanessa McNeal, Greg Smith